This Is the Leatherman Pocket Knife Everyone Needs to Carry

Leatherman is so universally respected that the brand has become used as a basic reference for all multi-tools, regardless of manufacturer. That’s a pretty big claim that few manufacturers boast – but Leatherman can.

At any rate, the Leatherman Charge Plus is the Leatherman pocket knife that everyone should be carrying (or at least every toolbox should contain) if only because it offers so much far-ranging versatility.

Utility at Your Fingertips
You honestly don’t need to read what we’re going to tell you next to understand just how much utility Leatherman has packed into this little multitool. You just need to look at a picture of it and you can see how every single ounce of real estate in the package was used as wisely as possible.

The Leatherman Charge Plus contains 19 tools that correspond to far more than 19 different functions. It contains the following tools, including:

● Two square drivers
● An eyeglasses driver bit
● Eight hex bits
● Two Phillips bits
● ¼, ⅛, and 3/16” drivers
● A Torx bit (#15)
● A nylon bit kit
● Needlenose and regular pliers
● Replaceable wire cutters (and hard wire cutters)
● A wire stripper and electrical crimper
● A straight-edge blade
● A serrated knife
● A saw
● Scissors
● A cutting hook
● A ruler
● Can and bottle openers
● A diamond-coated file
● A file for metal or wood
● Large and small bit drivers
● And a medium screwdriver

It doesn’t take much to gain an appreciation for how much utility Leatherman has built into this package. There is a wide range of both generalized and specialized tools in this Leatherman pocket knife, and the whole thing weighs less than 9 ounces and is only 4 inches long when folded up.

It’s the sort of multi-tool you can hardly afford to be without.

Never Go Dull
This Leatherman multi tool is ideal for everyday carry not only because of the number of tools it contains but for another specific reason that you might overlook if you didn’t get down into the details.

This Leatherman tool is not simply built tough. Its primary straight-edge blade is made with a super-steel known as S30V.

S30V steel is exceptionally hard and contains a high percentage of carbides distributed throughout the steel matrix, which makes the edge significantly resistant to wear and tear.

The result? You have a little blade that’s really tough to resharpen, but on the plus side, it’ll take forever to go dull, especially with casual use. You’ll be surprised how many ropes you’ll be able to slice and packages you can cut up before this thing needs to touch a stone.

Built to Last
Like all Leatherman products, this highly valuable multi-tool is built to last, but this one has an added bonus – it’s made using titanium and 42HC stainless steel, the same steel that Buck Knife Company uses with most of its knives.

Both 420HC and titanium are corrosion resistant, except in the most unforgiving of environments. They’re also both extremely strong, and in the case of titanium, remarkably light. So what we’re working with here is a very tough tool that can take a beating and needs only a minimal amount of TLC to keep it working as intended. Don’t try that with 1095 or D2 tool steel – you’ll get a lump of rust.

Where Can I Get One?
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