Top 3 Must-Have Cigar Accessories

It’s okay to make errors or not be fully prepared when you’re just getting started in any hobby, including cigar smoking. As a beginner, it’s important to know about the different cigar accessories that can make your life easier.

Cigars come in a wide variety of flavors and styles, and they often come with a plethora of additional accessories. In this blog, we’ll go over the essential accessories and explain their purpose. It’s important to be knowledgeable about your cigar accessories, since they may make all the difference in your enjoyment of a fine cigar.

A Good Travel Case
Taking your cigars on the road might be a hassle without a specialized travel cigar case. You can extend the life of your cigars if you use a travel humidor, but it has its limitations. A humidor’s only goal is to maintain constant humidity. When traveling this can be difficult, even with a small humidor.

Since a smoker’s other equipment, such as lighters and cutters, aren’t kept in a humidor, they’ll get knocked about a lot. Longer journeys will likely need a travel humidor, although it is not always the best solution when you;re just heading out for the night or weekend with a few cigars. When you keep your cigars in a cigar travel case, it will keep them secure and fresh for a short period of time. Then you can easily return any unsmoked cigars to your humidor.

A Stylish Cigar Stand
For many cigar smokers, smoking outside on a nice day can be extremely relaxing. When it comes to smoking in public, a patio, bar, or a café with an outside smoking area is usually the only option.

Most of these establishments will offer ashtrays for cigarettes, with no room for a cigar. Having a stylish cigar stand on hand will come in handy on such occasions. Place it next to the ashtray and watch the ash fall. You also don’t have to worry about your tasty cigar touching an ashtray.

Cigar Cutters
A must-have accessory for every cigar enthusiast is a good cigar cutter. Fine cigars are wrapped at the cap when they are prepared. Because of this, you must either snip the cap or punch a hole with a cigar punch to enable the smoke to be pulled through. Cutters are available in a wide range of styles and dimensions.

Some cutters are designed to be placed on a desk or table, such as table top cutters. Guillotine style cutters employ one or two blades to snip the end off, whereas a cigar punch simply punches a hole in the end. Many cutters can be carried in a pocket or on a keychain. This is a must-have item for any cigar aficionado.

Having the proper accessories on hand can improve the ritual and overall experience of enjoying a great cigar. Visit Rocky’s Cigars is you want to find a great selection of both cigars and cigar accessories that you need in your collection.

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