Top five things businesses should keep in mind while employing TTS 

Text to Speech India software

The TTS- Text to Speech India software has gained immense popularity and is widely used by different organisations in various sectors. The software is a multi-faceted solution that allows businesses to communicate with the customers using artificial speech in Indian English, Hindi, and several other languages and customise all their campaigns. The solution converts written texts into a speech format and produces a nearly human-like voice used on the IVR to interact with the customers.

Let’s discuss the comprehensive solution and the top 5 things businesses should keep in mind when using it.

Indian accent

Businesses catering to the Indian audience need to communicate with them in Indian English- an accent they are likely to understand. It would be futile to communicate with the clients in English with a foreign accent. It will lead to a bad customer experience, and there will be no clarity in the message if the customers cannot understand it. The software allows the business to communicate with its clients in Indian English and convey the desired message easily. With Indian English in the text-to-speech Indian software, they can expect their customers to interpret the delivered message in an intended way.

Pitch Control

It is important to know that the TTS –Text to Speech software enables you to control the pitch. The pitch and the voice quality significantly impact the customer’s minds. Communication forms a part of the branding and shapes the customers’ perception of the business. So, by controlling the voice quality, a company can create the desired perception among its target audience. Each business is unique, and so it would prefer customising the communication quality and controlling the voice quality while communicating with its clients.

Multiple languages

As discussed earlier, the text-to-speech Indian software allows businesses to converse in Indian English. But there’s more to this capability as the software covers a comprehensive list of global vocabulary, including Hindi and several other languages. The multilingualism factor makes customer communication more inclusive of people who prefer conversation in the local or regional languages.

Campaign customisation:

Customisation allows businesses to customise their campaigns and communicate effectively with their customers. Companies can customise the speech and voice modulation depending on the nature of the offered product or service. Keeping the nature of the campaign in mind, business companies can decide the campaign’s tone literally and communicate with their customers better.

Set Alerts:

Timely communication is the key to a better customer engagement rate and helps in retaining more customers. The text to speech India software allows automation in client communication which brings cost efficiency to the process. The software enables companies to send automated reminders for appointments and notifications to customers. In this way, businesses can constantly keep in touch with their customer base. With timely reminders, the customers can make the appropriate decisions. For instance, the software will remind them of their upcoming appointments, due payments, etc. With automated reminders, companies save resources that they would otherwise spend on recruiting and training live agents.


The text-to-speech online industry is expected to grow at a mind boggling CAGR of 14.7% by 2028 and reach USD 7.06 billion! The numbers indicate that the solution will be the future of business communication as it helps to reap the benefits of automation and efficiency. With the software, businesses can make the content audible to their audience, move beyond the limitation of character limits, and respond to a broader section of the target audience. Knowlarity has been a forerunner in the cloud communication industry, serving thousands of businesses in India and 65+ countries with its high-quality cloud communication products. The company offers the solution at the best price and assists businesses in communicating with their customers better. Text to speech India is a popular product that has helped companies transform their client communication and connect with their customers in the desired manner. The software is embedded with several beneficial features which help businesses customise the client communication quality process. The technology will prove highly useful for them as they can immensely benefit from it by acquiring more customers and maximising profitability. Grab more information about the text-to-speech Indian software offered by Knowlarity.

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