Understanding and Inducing Player’s Motivation in Games: How to Achieve it?

player's motivation

People play games for different reasons. So, the individual motivations of players to play games shift relentlessly. Sometimes gamers like to play video games to pursue the respite of escapism, while some gamers hold a constant competitive urge to satiate. So, gamers can get different things from the game at different times.

While initiating the game design and development, a mobile game development company relies on vague demographic data to find its targeted audience. You can employ advanced algorithms and advertising networks these days. But, it is crucial to understand your targeted players’ motivation for your gamers’ intention and motivation, the chances of your game’s success will get heightened.

A lot of reasons can drive the audience to play games. Some are basic human instincts, while some are the specific nature or choice of the audience. For instance, how the gamers decide which game to play, where to invest their time and money, Etc. So, here, we are going to plunge into some of the common player motivations, and how to harness the power to develop a highly enjoyable video game.

Players’ Motivation: Untangling the Implications

Players’ motivation is what makes the game fun for you. A player’s intention is what the player is attempting to achieve when playing the game. A player might just want to have fun or achieve a high score. In addition, the player may feel motivated by learning about the game itself, or about another topic that the game is connected to, such as learning about physics by playing a simulation of some natural phenomenon.

Game developers manage internal motivations both coming from the game and in the game context. We cannot know if the player made the bet to finish the game or if his circle wanted him to stop playing. The credibility of game developers allows them to use the game mechanisms to induce players’ motivation to play the game for a long time.

Ways to Induce Players’ Motivation

Whether working with Unreal or Unity 3d game development, game developers want to induce players’ motivation to play their games. But, how to do that? First, you must understand your player’s state of mind and intention to play your game. Then you can follow these simple steps to induce motivation among your players:

The Competitive State of Mind

On delving into the history from the earliest form of games to this age of advanced video games, three things are constant: competition, success, and survival. The players tend to win the game and survive out of a deep psychological instinct. From Fortnite to Darksouls, from Tabletop Simulators to BlockBabies, game developers have saddled on the competitive mentality of their targeted gamers to create explosive user engagement. A video game, standing on the pillars of competition, allures gamers to come again and again to push their competitive intellect. The gamers return to the game to maintain their winning status of the game.

The Pleasure Of Achievement

Since the dawn of our existence, with every struggle and effort we have endeavoured to achieve something, either good grades, climb on the ladder, or something else. Achieving relates to progress and leaving an impression on others. In video games, the meaning of achievement is no different. The deep longing to achieve rewards, gifts, and appreciation by the end of the game sessions compels the gamers to stay with the game. Through achievements, and accomplishments of game levels, players’ interests keep unlocked within the game. The sense of making progress always makes gamers crave the game more. So, if you want retention of your players, always give your audience something worth achieving.

The Proof Of Dexterity

How can a gamer learn about his skills and score? How would your players get aware of their making progress? The fundamental nature of humans leads them to search for proof for nearly everything, even for their skills. With the first introduction of ” High Scores” in Sea Wolf in 1976, gamers got aware of their skilfulness or the status of their competency. In puzzle games, the addition of skilfulness always allures the gamers to play again and again to secure standard or excellent scores to stay competent.

Craving For Creativity

What do you think? Does only a mobile game development company deal with creativity and imagination? Not only the game developers but the players can also be creative by nature. Many people scout around video games to nourish their creative zeal. Games like Block Babies, Axies, etc., lull gamers’ creativity, making their innovative minds giggle in glee.

Making The Mind Relax

Many players take the road to video games to recharge and restore their energy. Games are like flights that can land gamers in a realm of pleasure, excitement, and relaxation.

Therefore, you can create something out of the box without filling your game with an adrenaline rush. You can work on this motivation to create a simple mind-relaxing video game. The players’ motivation plays a crucial role in building the relationship between your game and your targeted audience. So, consider it before plunging into developing your dream game development project.

Wrapping up

With all of these above-mentioned ways in mind, an important aspect remains as it is. How should a game development team get an understanding of players’ motivation? Truly speaking the path to understanding your gamers’ intentions is not different that learning the ways to induce motivation among players. 

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