VoIP Phone Features You Need to Know About for Your Business

VoIP Phone Features You Need to Know About for Your Business

Poor customer and business experience by phone can cost your company more than just money. VoIP features can streamline and improve the quality of your call centers.

Three-way calling lets you add another team member to a live conversation. With conference calls, you can meet with clients, share screens and do more to collaborate in real-time. To know more about this phone system, check out Ooma guide to VoIP phones.

Call Routing

VoIP systems allow admins to route calls based on specific criteria. This allows for a more personalized user experience and better productivity for agents. It also helps reduce caller wait time, which improves customer satisfaction.

The auto-attendant is a popular VoIP feature that uses automated voice prompts to help callers navigate to the right department or agent. This can save your business money by replacing the cost of a full-time receptionist.

Businesses also use call queues to manage a high volume of callers, which can overwhelm a single agent. Many companies opt for a VoIP provider that offers call routing.

Another great VoIP feature is voicemail-to-text transcription. This allows callers to receive a text version of their voicemail instead of listening to it in the office or on the go. This also makes it easy to access voicemails from mobile devices. It’s important to check whether your VoIP phone system and service vendor support this feature.

Call Waiting

For those times when two heads are better than one, this feature allows you to forward a call to another line with the tap of a button. It’s a great option for solopreneurs who need to reduce wait time and small teams that can easily transfer calls to teammates to save valuable time and resources.

Unlike traditional phone plans with per-minute charges and call limits, VoIP eliminates these unnecessary costs for your business. You can maximize customer support and sales efforts while decreasing operational costs.

Ensure your team always has the right tools to address every customer concern. Most VoIP providers offer SMS texting features ideal for enabling your team to stay on top of their duties even when away from their desks. They can also send important updates to field teams to keep them in the loop. This is a must-have feature for businesses that depend on their teams’ mobility to deliver quality customer service.

Call Forwarding

Sometimes, it takes more than one head to answer a call. VoIP allows businesses to park critical calls on their internal network so that anyone can pick up the phone and continue the conversation without worrying about missing an important customer or sales lead.

Unlike traditional phones, VoIP systems can work on mobile devices like laptops and smartphones in addition to desk phones. Activating remote call forwarding on these devices is as simple as logging into the provider’s software with an internet connection and accessing the Admin Portal.

Some customers prefer texting to calling, and VoIP makes it easy to offer these options to business users. Most VoIP solutions come with SMS capabilities that allow you to send notifications and updates to customers or even update field teams when they’re on the go. Feature Availability: Generally, this is included in most VoIP plans for a reasonable fee. Contact your provider for details. Some may charge per SMS message.


While most VoIP systems include classic business telephony features like call routing, the best VoIP phone system providers go above and beyond. They offer a wide range of features to enhance productivity and provide a rich business experience for users.

For example, VoIP phone systems with click-to-call enable customers to click a button on a website or mobile app and immediately connect to a live agent. This helps reduce customer wait time and improve caller experience. Call analytics to provide insight into agent performance and call session metrics.

In addition, many VoIP phone systems also have voicemail-to-text, which transcribes a caller’s voicemail and sends it as an SMS text. This is great for businesses that use chatbots or need to track caller data for CRM integration. Other VoIP features include auto-replies and support for various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You should also ensure your chosen solution supports Enhanced 911 (E911), which allows emergency calls to be routed to the right place.

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