We Asked a WordPress SEO Services Provider Some of the Most Common WordPress SEO Questions

We got tired of looking through all the “people also ask” questions and blog posts on the first few pages of Google, so we rounded up some of the top digital marketing questions and went straight to the WordPress SEO experts at Genius eCommerce.

They’ve provided WordPress SEO services for various eCommerce businesses in a wide range of industries for years, and they have dedicated WordPress SEO specialists.

Here’s what we learned.

Question: Is WordPress good for SEO?
Yes, WordPress is good for SEO, but that doesn’t necessarily make it better than any other platform. In fact, in some ways, it’s not good for beginners because it’s open-source there are so many moving parts that need to be customized. Without understanding how SEO works, it’s possible to make a WordPress website that is terribly optimized.

However, WordPress is compatible with a huge number of plugins that can boost SEO and also with a wide range of SEO-friendly themes. It also has probably the best CMS (content management system) out there.

Question: Can I do SEO on my own?
You can do SEO on your own only if you have experience with how it works and a thorough understanding of all of the different ranking signals Google uses in order to evaluate a website.

For 99% of online entrepreneurs, however, the answer is no. At least, you cannot do it well.

Question: How do you optimize a website? (You mentioned ranking signals – what are those?)
A website – WordPress or otherwise – is optimized by improving all of the ranking factors that are on it. Ranking factors are, well, factors that Google uses to determine whether a website is an authority or not. There are over 200 of these – some of them are link structure (number, quality, source), content (keyword optimization, length, age, depth), site structure, site speed, site security, and much more.

Question: Can I buy backlinks?
You sure can buy backlinks – if you want your website to tank, not rank higher in the search results. The vast majority of bought backlinks come from terribly low authority sources that will actually cause your rankings to fall.

So, sure, buy backlinks – but be aware that it will cost your website organic traffic and might incur a penalty for Google because bought backlinks are almost never high quality.

Question: What plugins are the best for SEO?
There are tons of “good” SEO plugins for WordPress, but I call them good with the caveat that you understand that even the best plugins will not take the place of a WordPress SEO services provider. Plugins help – they do not do the whole job.

That said, some of the best are Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, RankMath, and SEOPress.

Question: Can I “finish” working on SEO and devote that budget elsewhere?
I don’t have a simpler answer for this than “no.” You’re never done. Google is always changing and so is what customers are looking for. “Stopping” SEO is like stopping producing the goods you sell.

Question: Why does content matter? (Is it all written content?)
Content matters because people consume it and Google follows user behavior. Therefore, content is an important ranking signal (one of the ones I mentioned above.)

Traditionally, content was written, and written content is important. But Google is also getting better at interpreting social cues, video content, images, and other content in context, which will soon become even more important.

Yes, create content on a regular basis as a part of an SEO strategy – and written is important, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Question: Is there a better platform for SEO?
No, not really. Even though some platforms are better than others out of the box, any platform can be optimized by a professional.

This doesn’t make WordPress good or bad. It means if WordPress works for you, the good news is it can be optimized.

Question: How much do WordPress SEO services cost?
That’s impossible to answer without knowing more about a business’s actual goals. WordPress SEO services range vastly in price with respect to the scope of work, the number of keywords targeted per the SEO package, and the actual services offered in the package.

Tired of Wondering? Ask the Questions or Invest in WordPress SEO Services for Your eCommerce Business
Is your question not featured here? Do what we did and reach out to the WordPress SEO services providers yourself – you can get in touch with them through Genius eCommerce at GeniusEcommerce.com.

They were happy to help us, they’ll be happy to help you.

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