We Talked with an Expert from a Leading eCommerce SEO Company– Here Is What They Had to Say

When running or operating any business, there is a slew of considerations you need to make. You of course need to consider your budget, product production (if applicable), employment, benefits for employees, locations, and so much more. Another such consideration that is surprisingly quite a large one is your online presence.

However, building an online presence on your own has become exceedingly difficult, as competition grows more and more fierce every day. That is why so many businesses opt for outside help from an eCommerce SEO company.

Sounds a bit “over the top” and even unnecessary for some of our readers. So, we took the liberty of briefly discussing what such a company even does and various other important points with a long-standing expert in the industry.

● What does an eCommerce SEO company even do for eCommerce businesses?
An eCommerce company that also focuses on SEO value simply takes your business and makes it more viewable to your target audience to increase business. They make you stand out amongst the masses and get your desired clientele to notice you. They improve meta descriptions, URLs, content (blogs, videos, photos, etc.), and a whole lot more.

● Do local and in-person businesses benefit from having an online presence?
Even if you have a small local business and only focus on your in-person store, it can still bode well for you to have an online presence. Your clients are still searching for your offerings on Google and other search engines– and you want to show up first when they do.

● Are blogs even necessary? What do those do for an eCommerce business?
Yes! Blogs are a huge part of owning your own website. It purports that you are indeed knowledgeable, are willing to help your clients, and it just increases your SEO value overall! Plus, it informs readers on your industry, business, products, and so much more.

● What are common “red flags” from an eCommerce company to look out for?
Any vague behavior or overall furtivity is a huge red flag. If they aren’t answering your questions directly, that’s one of the biggest red flags in the business. If they aren’t describing their processes step-by-step (within their legal rights, of course), then they may not really be who you need them to be.

Like any business, if they haven’t been around long or if they have a slew of terrible reviews, just keep it simple and step away.

● How quickly can I see results when working with such a company?
To be blunt, patience is key here. You may not see results from six months to one year of working with a company like this! That’s just the way of it.

● What is the best eCommerce SEO company?
The dearth of quality eCommerce SEO companies is quite undeniable and downright infuriating. Many of them make empty claims and promises that lead to nothing but emptied wallets and crushed hopes.

Fortunately, I happen to work for a company that is the opposite. One of merit and one filled with dedicated and knowledgeable team members that you can actually count on to bring your business to the heights you desire: Genius eCommerce.

This expert really shed some light on hiring a dedicated eCommerce SEO agency/company. Be sure to check out Genius eCommerce and their many services to see if they are a right fit for you and your business!

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