What are heel shoes its types, features

How to choose the right heel shoes that will not create discomfort? There are many important factors: lift height, materials, style, size, and purpose of purchase. An unsuccessfully chosen pair can not only deprive of comfort but also harm the legs, there are many problems – from ordinary calluses to sprains and inflammation of the joints.

What can create problems?

  • Too high a heel – the height is selected individually, it is extremely important to determine your norm.
  • Artificial materials, poorly processed seams;
  • Wrong choice of size – in length and width;
  • An instep that does not match the individual characteristics of the leg;
  • Uncomfortable heel.

What types of heels are there?

  • “Column”: the usual square or rounded cut, does not expand, the average height is from 5 to 12 cm, the best solution for a casual look, but an evening out requires more elegance and grace.
  • Flared: the design is specific, usually popular only at the time of hitting fashion trends. It expands noticeably towards the bottom.
  • Cone-shaped – a more comfortable alternative to a hairpin, at the base – thicker, gradually tapering towards the bottom. This type is classic for pumps. Designers offer models with curved conical heels.
  • Wedge-shaped: visually resembles an inverted prism, tapers noticeably downwards, and the upper part is wide. Wedge-heeled shoes pair beautifully with trousers and skirts.
  • Glass: a model with a characteristic shape – it is fully reflected in the description. The height is small – up to 5-7 cm. The base is wide, tapers downwards, and has a graceful bend. It is not called convenient, because it is rather thin and unstable.
  • Hairpin: the thinnest, graceful type, can be very thin and high. The minimum height is 8 cm. Refined, elegant stilettos are a classic addition to an evening dress.
  • Figured: this group brings together designers and creative models. Recently, they have been growing in popularity more and more. Increasingly, there is a combination of the classic calm design of the upper of the shoe with a bright, designer heel. There are no special restrictions on height, shape.

Why are some heels more comfortable than others?

How to choose comfortable shoes? The criterion “convenient – inconvenient” is individual, but you can evaluate comfort in general terms by the following characteristics:

  • heel height;
  • sustainability;
  • The quality and strength of the arch support;
  • Pad features.

It is not for nothing that some types of heels are not recommended for everyday wear – we are talking about a hairpin, a glass, and curly models.

For lovers of high heels, the dolce vita paily heels brand offersHeart&Sole collection with the insole, developed by orthopedists, which evenly distributes the load over the entire surface of the foot and thereby makes a real revolution in the comfort of shoes with heels.

How to choose shoes with heels?

  • Up to 4 cm: low heel, suitable for women of any age, but the fact of individual anatomical features cannot be canceled. Be sure to take into account the type of heel, personal preferences, and block.
  • 5-6 cm- moderate height, stable pair, especially on a column heel. This heel is suitable for shoes in different styles. The sole is usually thin, there will be no problems with balance and comfort if you carefully consider the last.
  • A height of 7 cm is considered optimal for most women.
  • 7-9 cm is an average, especially for “boats” with a cone-shaped heel or stilettos. The most comfortable option is thick, stable heels.
  • From 10 cm, the height starts spectacular, but not comfortable for everyone. If you rarely wear heels, you should not buy this option every day. Be very careful with the lift.
  • From 12 cm and more – they look beautiful, especially when paired with an evening dress. You should not wear such shoes every day – they are unstable, the instep is very high, which is why the feet are in an unnatural position.

Note! Any heel height in combination with a last is individually comfortable. You need to focus only on personal characteristics and feelings.

How do determine the height of the heel?

How to choosecomfortable heeled shoes? The main point is the ability to walk in heels. It’s been building up over the years! It will be extremely difficult to get the first pair on a 12 cm stiletto and immediately walk like a top model. The optimal, average height is about 6-7 cm.

You can also calculate the physiological height of the heel, from which the legs will definitely not get tired: divide the length of the foot by 7. The resulting figure will be the same height. For most women, this is 3-4 cm.

How to choose shoes for a dress?

The main thing is a harmonious combination of styles, design of things, style:

  • The evening look involves an emphasis on the dress – usually, the dress is on the floor, and the shoes will be closed. For such exits, classic pumps of a neutral (more often black) color with stilettos or thin heels is ideal. The spout is open or closed, the decor is discreet.
  • Both a neutral pair and a bright pair with catchy accents will suit a cocktail dress – the shoes will be visible since the length of the clothes is mini or midi.
  • The business image does not imply bright, flashy accents. For every day, under a discreet office dress, it is better to purchase black or beige pumps with a heel from 4 to 7 cm, with a closed toe. A small hidden platform is allowed. If you have to walk a lot, stop in a thick, stable heel.

But in conclusion, there are no rigid frameworks and restrictions now, your personal style is in fashion. Therefore, you can rather buy the pair of shoes you like first and already, depending on personal preferences, create the desired image. In any case, it is accessories and shoes that carry an important stylistic accent, so you can safely experiment in this direction.   

How to choose shoes depending on the color and model?

Color is one of the most important selection factors. Must have – a pair of neutral colors and a “boat” shape. Beige and black shoes are suitable for everything, bright models will be an accent in the evening, and everyday looks.

When choosing a color, you need to make a choice:

  • Shoes will only complement the image;
  • The couple will be the accent.

In the first case, the tone is neutral, nude, and pastel. In the second, bright colors are allowed, even acid ones.

Several selection rules:

  • The pair is chosen a little darker than the clothes, if we are talking about a monochrome look;
  • Under a black dress, you can choose bright or flesh-colored shoes;
  • A white dress is combined with pastel or bright shoes;
  • The color of the pair does not necessarily continue the clothes, the contrasts look spectacular, modern designers also abandon the idea of ​​​​combining accessories and shoes of the same color;
  • If the dress is richly decorated – with beads, sequins, and prints, choose shoes without decor.

The shape of the sock often depends on fashion, but is always relevant.classic pumps- visually stretch the legs, make the image elegant. Square and round sock, which periodically fall into trends, are not suitable for short girls, they visually shorten the legs.

How to choose shoes by size?

In no case do not hope that the couple is spreading! Even during the fitting, it should be comfortable, the sock does not pinch the fingers. The rise assumes that the foot will move down, so it is recommended to choose a pair of a slightly larger size than necessary – it all depends on the height of the heel: half a size if the height is up to 9 cm, a size – for a pair of 10 cm and above.

How to choose the size of shoes with heels? Pay attention to the country of manufacture of shoes – dimensional grids of different countries are different.

How to choose wedding shoes?

How do you choose wedding shoes? For a special occasion, it is important to choose the best shoes – in design and comfort:

  • The main rule is the integrity of the image, the couple cannot fall out of the concept.
  • The perfect solution for a white dress -white pumpson a medium, stable heel, you should not sacrifice comfort.
  • Do you want uncomfortable, but spectacular shoes with very high heels? They can be bought for a photo shoot. Choose a changeable pair that you can walk and dance a lot in.
  • A little about traditions: it is believed that shoes should be closed, they are worn once so that in the future the family will be strong and successful. Since wedding shoes are part of a special look, you can go beyond the decor and design of the pair.

Having bought a pair, be sure to break it in, get used to it, and take a few tests walks near the house.

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