What Can You Do If You Hit A Deer On Road?

It is more than common that you might see a deer when you hit the road. You might think it
to be a beautiful sight, but on the contrary, deer are regarded as culprits to cause car
collisions. If you are unfortunate to have hit a deer, this blog will prepare you for such a
situation. A Salem car accident lawyer has curated some tips that will help you.

Stay Alert

If the area you are driving through is deer prone, you will be able to see traffic signs
informing you about their presence. When you enter such an area, drive slowly and stay
alert. If you have seen one deer, there will be others as they prefer to travel in groups.

If you are driving at night, you need to be extremely cautious. Look for reflecting eyes while
you are crossing that area.

Honk Often

If you are traveling across a deer crossing area, honk often to make the deers alert that you
are passing by. If passing through such areas is your regulars you can invest in getting deer
whistles. These whistles are said to keep the deer away.

Use Larger Headlights

Install high-beam lights when you will be passing through a deer-prone area. Not only these
lights will make the deer eyes reflective but also they are a good option for nighttime travels.
If you are in the habit of hitting the roads late at night these are highly suggested as they will
give you clear visibility. It is also a lifesaver if the weather conditions are poor.

Be Extra Careful at Dawn and Dusk

Sunrises and sunsets are the time when deers normally go out and return to their habitat.
They are wild animals and they abide by nature’s clock. Ensure that you are extra careful
while passing through a deer-prone zone during the twilights.

What to do if you Hit a Deer?

Despite all the precautions if you still collide with a deer, do not abandon it and elope from
the spot. If you are not hurt, call 911 for help. They might come and give you the medical
assistance that you need and also take the deer to a nearby Vet Clinic.


If the collision with the deer has caused you severe property damage, call the insurance
company to claim compensation. If you are having trouble n settling the compensation,
contact a car accident lawyer.

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