What Makes the Action Army AAP-01 So Popular?

The Action Army AAP-01 has been enjoying some pretty wide popularity among airsofters recently, and it’s not too hard to see why.

At first glance, this might look like just a Ruger-inspired airsoft pistol, but there’s much more than meets the eye.

It is light, tough, insanely fast, highly upgradeable, and just plain fun to shoot. This is what’s made this airsoft pistol a hit for the ages.

It’s made from high-quality components and internals, with a polymer receiver that, while it has sleek lines and looks well-polished, can take a bit of abuse. It also features an adjustable hop-up, which is a nice thing to have on an airsoft pistol. It also only weighs about 13 ounces.

It offers awesome ergs, with a mag release and safety that are ambidextrous, which makes this thing great for both right and left-handed shooters.

It’s highly expandable, with rail space both above and below the barrel – plenty of room for attachments like optics, lasers, or lights.

The internals are largely cross-compatible with parts for Glock airsoft guns, and on that note, it accepts Glock standard magazines, which is a big deal for another reason.

This thing is capable of both semi and full-auto modes of fire and is insanely fast and snappy. It comes with a 22 round magazine that you’ll literally empty in a second or less in full-auto mode, so if you want to use this for suppressive fire, you might want to look into a higher capacity compatible Glock airsoft mag.

It’s also compatible with a wide range of accessories and upgrades that are perfect for it, including but not limited to charging handles and magwells that will significantly boost the ergonomics and operation of this snappy platform.

This thing is also really fast in terms of muzzle velocity. With .20g ammo, it’s rated to deliver muzzle velocities of anywhere between 330 and 350 FPS.

What Ammo Should I Use with an Action Army AAP-01?
On the last note – which is that the Action Army AAP-01 delivers super-fast muzzle velocities – it may be rated for use with .20g BBs, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect for it. Truthfully, they’re probably too light.

You can test out or chrono an AAP-01 with .20g airsoft ammo, but when it comes to actually competing with it, we suggest something heavier that will enable greater accuracy over potentially long ranges.

We suggest trying out slightly heavier .25g or .28g BBs for your Action Army AAP-01 airsoft pistol since it can potentially hop heavier BBs. See if these provide greater accuracy and a more stable trajectory and shoot what works best for you.

Where Can I Get an Action Army AAP-01?
If you’re looking to pick up a new Action Army AAP-01 or some useful accessories, look no further than MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com.

They carry a huge range of airsoft guns, accessories, and attachments and all at great prices. They also offer a price match guarantee and flat rate shipping as well. Visit their website at the link above and contact them directly at 800-581-6620 if you have any questions.

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