What You Need to Know Before Using Shopify for Your Business

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to do everything right and ensure that everything is “just so” in order to make your business successful– and that includes opting for the best eCommerce platform available. Before you join Shopify, which is indeed the best at this moment in time, you need to acquaint yourself with a few things first.

What You Need to Know About Shopify
Before you go ahead and set up your online store with Shopify (with or without the help of a Shopify SEO expert), here are some key statistics and other information you need to know before doing so.

There Are 1.75 Million Merchants
That’s right: as of early 2022, there were 1.75 merchants on the Shopify platform according to a study from Backlinko. That is no doubt one large amount of merchants! That means that, if you choose to operate with Shopify, you’ll be up against a lot of competitors in your particular niche (but it also speaks volumes to Shopify’s overall success for its users)!

…And They Are in 175 Countries
These merchants are located not only in your current country (wherever it is that you are from) but they are found all around the world. In fact, according to the same findings from Backlinko, there are merchants on Shopify from 175 countries! That means that these shops vary in language, products, production times, and pricing, which may impact your business’s success.

It Isn’t a Set-It-and-Forget It Platform
While we wish we could sit here and tell you that you could simply set up your eCommerce business with Shopify just once and then go about your (literal) “business,” we simply cannot do that. You will need to continuously update your shop for SEO, design features, add and delete apps, and so much more.

…But It Is Easy to Use and Extremely Convenient
While the aforementioned point may be true, it is also true that Shopify is exceptionally useful (which is why there are literally millions of users and merchants on the platform). This is because Shopify has countless features available that can help your business soar.

These features include various integrations, stock tracking, setup for shipping rates, and so many more!

Shopify Has Oustanding Security
When it comes to anything you do on the internet (but especially when bank accounts and other personal information are involved), you need to ensure that you are protected. With Shopify, both you and your customers will be properly protected from hacking and other internet “mischief.”

Shopify boasts its high level of security and makes sure it is such every moment of every day– for everyone.

…And Exceptional Speeds
Have you ever landed on a website, waited what felt like an eternity for it to load, and ended up leaving out of frustration? Well, that’s happened to everyone– and you definitely don’t want your potential customers to be doing that on your website!

Shopify disallows that from happening because they have some of the fastest loading speeds available, drastically increasing the likelihood of you making a sale!

It Also Has Superb Customer Service
Is there really anything worse than noticing a pressing issue, whether it be a banking issue or something else entirely, and you can’t get a hold of customer service to promptly rectify it? With Shopify, you fortunately won’t have to deal with that.

They have some of the best customer services– and they are both known for it and passionate about upholding that reputation. Plus, they are available to help you 24/7!

There Are Shopify SEO Experts Available to Help
If you feel as if you need assistance with your Shopify store, then you can always work with a Shopify SEO expert to make sure everything runs smoothly. One such expert is Genius eCommerce. They work diligently to make sure you stand out from your competition on Shopify because you deserve to! Give them a call today to learn more at 888-982-8269!

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