What’s the Best Starter Airsoft Gun?

So you want to get into airsoft but you’re not exactly sure where to start. You’re going to need personal protective equipment, tactical accessories like a vest and holsters, clothing, batteries, airsoft ammo and so much more.

Take a step back – you need a high-quality airsoft gun that represents good value, durability, reliability, and so much more.

Without a quality starter airsoft gun, you won’t be getting the most from your attempt to get into the world of airsoft. But, with that said, what are some of the best starter airsoft guns, and how can you choose one on your own?

Top Picks for Best Starter Airsoft Guns
If you’re just looking for a quick suggestion for some of the best starter airsoft guns, here are some of the top-selling beginner airsoft guns in the industry.

● G&G Combat Machine Raider M4/M16 Carbine
● Lancer Tactical 10 Inch M4 Carbine
● Lancer Tactical LT-15B-G2 M4 SD Polymer AEG Carbine
● Lancer Tactical Enforcer Blackbird
● KWA VM4 Ronin T6
● KWA Ronin T10 RM4
● G&G CM16 ARP9

These are just a couple of the most popular beginner airsoft guns on the market. They are consistent bestsellers for a variety of reasons, in part because they are affordable, expandable, and feature very high-quality construction.

For the most part, they are also fairly affordable, even for entry-level airsoft guns. For example, you can get a G&G CM16 Raider for under $200 dollars.

How Can I Choose a Quality Starter Airsoft Gun?
If you are interested in finding the best starter airsoft gun on your own without taking a direct recommendation from a list of best-sellers, here are the traits you should consider in a beginner airsoft gun.

● Price and value: Low cost is not everything. While an affordable price is attractive, going too cheap can land you with an airsoft gun that is unreliable and needs to have parts replaced after every match.

● Durable components: Full metal construction is nice, but some high-quality, budget-friendly beginner airsoft guns are also made with polymer construction.

● An upgradeable gearbox: Being able to service, mod, or replace a gearbox can give you the ability to turn a beginner airsoft gun with average performance into something more powerful that shoots faster and farther.

● Compatibility with accessories and components: A sloppy trigger response or an inadequate magazine are just two problems, but a modular beginner gun that’s compatible with multiple different accessories and parts makes them much easier to fix.

● Size and weight: Unless you’re looking for a spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle, compact size, low-weight and responsive handling are probably very valuable. Many beginner airsoft AEGs are light and compact, ideal for close-quarters battles that often occur when playing airsoft.

This list is not comprehensive, but if you are looking for a high-quality airsoft gun, especially for competitive play, it should offer a good balance of these features.

Where Can I Get Airsoft Starter Guns and Accessories?
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They carry spring, electric, and gas-powered airsoft guns, from the top brands like Elite Force, Umarex, Tokyo Marui, Lancer Tactical, and countless others. In addition, they carry airsoft attachments, ammo, accessories, and all other sorts of tactical equipment to support airsoft games.

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