Where Can You Find Class A Vestments and Other Liturgical Vestments?

The Church of God in Christ, also known as COGIC, is one of the largest denominations in the United States. Founded in Arkansas in 1897, it now has over 5 million members, making it the 4th largest denomination in the country.

Its mission is simple. To seek and save that which is lost. They seek to fulfill God’s purpose on Earth.

COGIC has also established guidelines for liturgical vestments for adjutants and elders and has partnered very closely with Divinity Clergy Wear to design and develop Class A vestments that exhibit high quality and are affordable to adjutants and elders around the world.

About COGIC Approved Class A Vestments
In COGIC’s official training manual, it prescribes guidelines for Class A investiture, carefully detailed the nature and significance of each liturgical vestment that is included as a component.

In their 2015 Training Manual, they outline the requirements for Class A vestments for bishops, adjutants, and elders, with the intention of dignifying their course of work in “service to all mankind.”

For jurisdictional and auxiliary bishops, Class A investiture is as follows:

● Cassock and cincture: The cassock is the robe which is a symbol of elder and servant, girt about with the cincture which is a symbol of Christ’s willingness to wash the feet of his brethren.
● Rochet: The rochet is a white linen garment worn over the cassock and cincture, symbolizing the Priesthood.
● Chimere: This is a symbol of a prophet; bishops wear the chimere but adjutants and elders do not.
● Tippet: The tippet, which is worn over the shoulders, is actually a symbol of a slave. This binds the bishop (as well as adjutants and elders, who also wear it) to the church. COGIC-official tippets have the seal of the Church of God in Christ sewn on.
● Pectoral cross: The bishop carries a pectoral cross as an eternal reminder of his service to the Lord.
● Ring: The bishop’s ring is a symbol of the weight and authority of his office.

For jurisdictional bishops, the cassock, cincture, chimere, shirt, and tippet should all be purple, the rochet white, the cross gold, and the ring a COGIC-official ring. For auxiliary bishops, the cassock and tippet should be black, whereas the cincture, chimere, and shirt may be either black or purple, the rochet white, the cross gold, and the ring COGIC-official.

What Are Class A Vestments for Adjutants and Elders?
Requirements for adjutants and elders are, of course, different from those for bishops. All the same, Divinity Clergy Wear has worked very closely with The Church of God in Christ to create affordable COGIC and GCPE-approved Class A vestments of exceptional quality.

Their Class A liturgical vestments for adjutants and elders include the following pieces:

● A black Anglican cassock and cincture.
● A white linen surplice embellished with floral double lace.
● A black tippet with the COGIC seal sewn on.
● A black 36-inch cord with a silver cross (2×3”).

These Class A vestments have been meticulously crafted to exhibit high quality and communicate respect and reverence for the office.

Where Can You Find Class A Vestments and Other Liturgical Vestments?
Are you interested in high-quality yet affordable, COGIC and GCPE-approved Class A vestments or other liturgical vestments? Then visit Divinity Clergy Wear online at DivinityClergyWear.com.

They have partnered closely with COGIC to develop high-quality, highly-approved Class A vestments for adjutants and elders and they also sell a wide range of bishop’s vestments as well as other clerical accessories such as clergy collars, zucchetto skull caps, tippets, stoles and more.

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