Why Does Everyone Seem to Think the Tenacious Is the Best Spyderco Pocket Knife for EDC?

Spyderco is one of those knife makers that people just love to love. Call their knives ugly if you will – they sport plain synthetic scales, have obnoxiously large holes in the blades, and are rather hump-backed – that won’t make a dent in popular opinion.

One Spyderco pocket knife in particular – the Spyderco Tenacious – has received consistently high marks across the board, and everyone seems to agree it’s a wildly versatile, wildly useful knife for EDC.

Ergonomics and Portability
Perhaps it is in part due to the size and ergonomics that the Tenacious is so popular. It has decidedly fewer harsh lines and angles than many other Spyderco knives, that much is true.

It has a pretty understated form, and it’s pretty comfortable in the hand. Closed, it’s 4.38”, open it’s 7.76” and it sports a 3.39” blade, pretty middle of the road in all respects. It’s not so large as to be cumbersome opening letters, nor so small you can’t use it for more laborious enterprises.

There are no odd angles in the fiberglass reinforced nylon or G10 scales, which are comfortable in all temperatures and offer just the right amount of grip. Deployment via the “Spyderhole” is sure and the lock mechanism is sound and solid.

It’s also a pretty light knife. Not as light as a tiny Classic SD Swiss Army Knife, but much lighter than some solid steel knives like the CRKT Pilar which weighs over 4 ounces. It has some heft, but it comes in just short of 4 ounces, somewhere are 3.8.

So what this knife has going for it is it’s comfortable to carry via its pocket clip, hold and use, and highly practical. It’s just the right size and it is much more toned down than some other Spyderco pocket knives.

A Solid Steel (No Pun Intended)
What’s great about the Tenacious is it’s available in a wide range of steels. For example, on the more affordable end, you can get one of these Spyderco pocket knives with 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.

Is that a super steel? No – but it gets the job done and it’s reliable. No one will write home about it, but no one will complain about it, either – at least not too much.

That said, the Tenacious is also available in much loftier configurations. Notably, Spyderco produces the Tenacious with an S35VN steel blade, which is tops for edge retention, strength, and corrosion resistance.

It costs a bit more, but to have a knife in your pocket that won’t go dull for weeks if not months of moderate to hard use is worth a little something, too.

It Comes Down to Value
Ultimately, it’s the amenable size, ease of portability, ergonomics, and stolid steel choices that have made the Tenacious so popular. It’s been such a hit over the past few years that it has even managed to woo some critics that otherwise were unimpressed with Spyderco’s lineup.

But this pocket knife has another trick up its sleeve for those looking at choosing an EDC knife from the Spyderco lineup – price.

The S35VN models will set you back slightly, but Spyderco’s more affordable models only rack up to about 60 dollars or so – depending on where you buy. Few other Spyderco pocket knives are that affordable.

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