Why Off Brand Puff Bars Are Often Better

As with most personal hobbies, it is easy to fall into habits when vaping, even if it is not the best way for you to approach things. You might get used to buying the same handful of products from the same handful of brands over and over again despite being bored at this point. It is perfectly fine to fall into habits when you like something, but it is not so great when you feel like you’ve settled.

We find that that is often the case in vaping with people who just get used to buying vape products from the same brands that they started with like Puff Bars for example, without stopping to consider that they might prefer the products that another brand offers. It is so easy to stick to what you know, but it can be so much more rewarding to seek out what you actually enjoy.

If you think that you might be happier trying out what off brand Puff Bars have to offer, then we certainly encourage you to seek them out. You should create your ideal vape setup, even if that means exploring new vape brands in the process. Get the most out of this simple pastime by finding the best brands, vaping devices, and vape liquids for your preferences.

While seeking out the perfect off brand Puff Bars, there are some common factors you might want to keep your eye out for. Puff Bar products have a few major complaints that customers have openly addressed over the years that you may have even considered yourself. Look for off brand Puff Bars that manage to outperform them in all the ways that matter.

Zero Nicotine Pens
One of the most common concerns we have seen from Puff Bar users is the lack of nicotine-free options. Not everyone wants to consume nicotine, especially those who are worried about developing or aggravating an addiction to this chemical substance. It is much easier to simply avoid it altogether, but you would have to look to off brand Puff Bars for nicotine-free vape pens.

Zero nicotine products are also better for those who really enjoy savoring the tastes of their vape juice flavors because nicotine-free vape juice formulas do not possess the throat hit effect that many people have come to dislike in their vaping devices. They feel that a throat hit gets in the way of the flavor and stops it from being super smooth to puff.

Great Tasting Flavors
In contrast, a popular aspect of Puff Bars is the variety of flavors the brand offers. They enjoy having so many great options to vape with whenever they want it. However, you should know that this is not a trait exclusive to this brand. Off brand Puff Bars are also known to have lots of great tasting flavors that run the gamut from fresh and minty to sweet and fruity. Don’t feel the need to settle because you like some of your Puff Bar flavors.

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