4 Things You Need To Know About BigCommerce

I think BigCommerce has received a lot of bad PR lately, especially from those who unfairly compare it to WordPress. Yes, the eCommerce giant is not as customizable as the blogging platform, but it also does not require you to have a computer scientist create an online store that looks great and sells your products without a fuss.

BigCommerce Is Completely Self Contained
The main advantage of using an eCommerce platform like BigCommerce is that they manage almost every detail through their Software-As-A-Services system. You don’t have to install anything anywhere. Everything is handled within their servers. For this reason, the software is updated automatically without you even knowing about it. So if you are not that tech-savvy or just don´t have time to manage your online store, it is definitely a good option for you.

Moreover, BigCommerce does not force you to use a third-party platform. The platform lets you manage every aspect of your store natively. If there happens to be any hole that needs to be filled, BigCommerce has its own app store which is full of tools that can help you succeed in eCommerce, and all of its templates are high quality.

BigCommerce Focuses On Quality, Not Quantity
Many developers like to praise open-source platforms because they allow them to customize their stores infinitely. However, you can spend weeks navigating through their immense templates library and still not find something that is functional, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and sufficiently “on brand”.

BigCommerce´s focus on quality templates allows them to offer a curated library that will help you get started almost right away. Agencies offering BigCommerce SEO services specialize in offering more bespoke options without losing any of the benefits native templates and themes offer.

BigCommerce Focuses On Growth
One aspect of BigCommerce that attracts those running online stores and plan to grow is that the big tech giant does not impose costly transaction fees, and has very convenient negotiated rates with financial providers like PayPal. This definitely becomes extremely attractive for businesses that sell high volume and razor-thin margins.

They also offer extremely reasonable plans that have a flat charge depending on your total sales for the year. Notice that BigCommerce plans are sensible enough to take into account expenses, so their baseline limits are way more flexible than one would expect.

There is the sales cap limit issue that many people love to mention. Yes, BigCommerce has a sales cap. However, if your income, after expenses, is above $400.000, you only have to sign up with the Enterprise plan and ask for a custom sales limit. They are known to be very flexible and reasonable, and their partner program is designed to help businesses increase their sales volume so it also works as a coaching system. Very neat if you ask me.

BigCommerce Is 100% SEO Ready
Another aspect that BigCommerce does better than its competitors in terms of SEO is the fact that you can manage your search engine optimization campaign fully within the platform. This means that you don’t have to deal with complicated integrations or include third-party modules. You can make any kind of changes right through your store, without having to contact a third party for help.

Does this mean that you can reach top ranks in search engines without a proper SEO campaign? No, it does not. But what this means is that BigCommerce integrates more features out of the box than their competitors, which makes your life easier right from the start.

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