5 Magento Web Design Trends In 2022

It is no secret that eCommerce has become a huge force that drives whole industries and economies around the world. Online sales are projected to represent 22% of all global retail transactions and a whopping 6.5 trillion dollars in sales.

Many eCommerce platforms know this and have revamped their services and features to attract more businesses and increase sales volume. However, many of them offer very static design options, forcing their customers to host everything on their servers, and hiding most of the code behind a “software-as-a-service”, meaning that they will perform all updates and fixes themselves, leaving developers little or no wiggle room to stay on top of innovation.

Magento, a platform-as-a-service eCommerce platform, has a more hands-off approach. It is an open-source platform offering Magento web designers a lot more freedom to experiment, create custom themes, and implement the latest digital marketing trends.

Here are some of the most amazing Magento eCommerce trends for online stores to follow in 2022.

People and search engines seem to be evolving together as technology allows customers to perform searches using more intuitive tools such as their own voice. Today, search engine AI can recognize word order, voice pitch, and even contextual information when determining appropriate results. Today, nearly 50% of all shopping queries are based on voice searches. Magento website designers can now take advantage of the same technology within the platform and their websites, providing visitors with a seamless transition from query to conversion.

Visual Searches
As previously mentioned, search AI has become more powerful than ever. It not only recognizes language-based queries, but also visual cues that make shopping a more intuitive experience. Digital Image Processing technology can easily be implemented in Magento store websites and put this powerful tool at your customer´s fingertips for unparalleled user experience and convenience.

Seamless Multi-Channel Experience
While most platforms today offer some kind of multi-channel experience, Magento 2 offers shop integration extensions for various social media platforms that make it incredibly easy for your audience to shop no matter where they access your products from. Allowing your customers to have access to your products and make purchases without having to drop out of their favorite apps or social media channels is one of the best ways to reduce purchase hesitancy and increase conversions.

Augmented Reality And Metaverse Readiness
While the Metaverse is not a mature technology yet, a lot of retailers are making use of some of its announced features. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality allow your visitors to look at a real-life model of your product and interact with it. At first, it was used for remodeling services or furniture stores as a way to show before/after models of living spaces. However, this has evolved into a more flexible tool that not only shows your customers how a piece of clothing would look on them or if an appliance is the right size, but allows them to change details such as color or dimensions on the spot before committing to purchase. This reduces the risks of return orders, and boosts engagement as even hesitant customers will come back for more. Magento web designers are implementing this technology incredibly fast, taking advantage of the platform´s flexibility.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
If your eCommerce website cannot be found easily by your target audience, then no amount of features will make it convert. Fortunately for Magento web designers, the platform offers robust SEO capabilities right out of the box. Moreover, it provides great flexibility when it comes to combining radically different features into a surprisingly cohesive package, allowing merchants to create unique shopping experiences for their discerning customers.

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