6 Tips for Choosing Men’s Softball Bats

Choosing your softball gear is a meticulous process, we admit, but shouldn’t it be such? Shouldn’t you want to dive into every little detail, ensuring that each piece of softball equipment you do purchase will provide you with everything you require to shine your brightest on the diamond– and for a long time coming?

This is why doing your research for purchasing your softball equipment is so essential, and that certainly includes men’s softball bats. Choosing the right bat for you is key in order to vastly improve your batting average instead of impede it!

Without further ado, let’s check out our six tips for choosing men’s softball bats!

1. Get Comfortable with a Price Range
Softball bats can cost a pretty penny– there really is no way around that. For brand new softball bats that were created for the current year, you can expect to pay $300 and up! However, used and/or brand new yet older versions can be $50-$100. For this reason, you should find a price range that you are comfortable with and let that be your guide to finding your dream bat.

2. Check for the Correct Governing Body/Bodies
There are several governing bodies in softball which are responsible for giving the “ok” to various pieces of equipment for leagues and tournaments. These include BBCOR, USA, ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, or IS. Check that whichever bats you’re considering are compliant to whichever governing body or bodies you use.

3. Are You Playing Fastpitch or Slowpitch?
It’s also important to choose your softball bat based on whether you are playing slowpitch or fastpitch. This is because softball bats are created in accordance with either one of these types but not both. For example, fastpitch bats tend to be lighter so they can be swung faster while slowpitch bats tend to be heavier for added power.

Another difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats is the dropweight. Dropweight is simply the length minus the weight of the bat. This is used mostly in fastpitch softball (and is of large importance) yet is nonexistent in slowpitch.

4. Consider Construction (Materials, Technology, etc.)
Doing a deeper dive into the logistics of your bat consideration can only bode well. Softball bats are either made of aluminum alloy or composite. You’ll need to choose depending on your preference. You should also consider the technology used, like having an endcap that’s made to quickly “whip” with each swing, how many pieces in the construction, and more.

5. Practice Swinging to Find Ideal Length and Weight
Next is to decide on your preferred length and weight (and dropweight, if you are looking for fastpitch softball bats). You’ll need to keep your height and weight in mind (check out this bat sizing guide from HbSports!) and take several practice cuts with whichever options you choose.

6. Endloaded or Balanced?
There are endloaded and balanced softball bats. Endloaded bats hold most of the weight of the bat in the end of the barrel while balanced bats have the weight evenly dispersed throughout the bat. This is usually based on personal preference but many power hitters swear by endloaded bats.

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