Best Places to Visit in Brussels


Brussels is a beautiful city in Belgium that is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, delicious food, and world-class museums. If you’re planning a trip to this wonderful city, then you’re in for a treat. There are so many places to see and things to do that it can be overwhelming to plan an itinerary. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the best places to visit in Brussels.


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  • Grand Place


The Grand Place is the heart of Brussels and one of the most beautiful city squares in Europe. This UNESCO World Heritage site is surrounded by stunning buildings that date back to the 17th century. The most impressive of these is the Town Hall, which features a Gothic facade and a tower that reaches a height of 96 meters. Other buildings to look out for include the Maison du Roi and the Guildhalls. During the day, the square is bustling with tourists and locals, but it’s even more stunning at night when the buildings are illuminated.


  • Atomium


The Atomium is a landmark building that was built for the 1958 World Expo. It’s a unique structure that consists of nine spheres that are connected by tubes. The spheres represent the atoms of an iron crystal that has been magnified 165 billion times. Visitors can take an elevator to the top sphere, which offers stunning views of Brussels. There’s also a restaurant in the top sphere where you can enjoy a meal with a view.


  • Manneken Pis


Manneken Pis is a famous statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain. It’s a quirky symbol of Brussels that dates back to the 17th century. The statue has been stolen and vandalized several times over the years, but it has always been restored. Visitors can see the statue in the city center, but be warned, it’s much smaller than you might expect!


  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts


The Royal Museums of Fine Arts is a complex of four museums that showcase the best of Belgian art. The collection includes works by famous artists such as Rubens, Bruegel, and Magritte. The museums are located in the city center, and visitors can buy a ticket that gives them access to all four museums.


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  • Mini-Europe


Mini-Europe is a miniature park that features scaled-down versions of famous European landmarks. The park covers an area of 24,000 square meters and includes 350 models that are made to a scale of 1:25. Visitors can see miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum, among others. The park also features sound and light shows that bring the models to life.


  • Royal Palace of Brussels


The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official residence of the Belgian royal family, but it’s also open to the public during the summer months. Visitors can take a guided tour of the palace, which includes the Throne Room, the Mirror Room, and the White Room. The palace also features stunning gardens that are worth exploring.


  • Belgian Comic Strip Center


Belgium is famous for its comic strips, and the Belgian Comic Strip Center is a museum that celebrates this art form. The museum is located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building and features exhibitions on famous Belgian comic strip artists such as Hergé and Peyo. Visitors can also see original comic strip drawings and learn about the history of this beloved art form.


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  • Saint-Michel Cathedral


The Saint-Michel Cathedral is a stunning Gothic cathedral that dates back to the 13th century. It’s one of the most impressive buildings in Brussels, with its intricate stained-glass windows and towering spire.

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