Career As a Crime Scene Photographer

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The photographs of the crime scene are very important to an investigation. The purpose of these photographs is to provide a documented record of the scene as it was observed. There are special skills and techniques practiced in CSI photography. Thus, it takes a lot of effort, particularly in training and practice for a CSI photographer to be proficient in this task.

Job Description:

A CSI photographer is responsible for creating permanent visual records of accident scenes and crime scenes. With their photos, CSI photographers show evidence as objectively and as detailed as possible. The crime scene photographs are used by different law enforcement agencies in court trials, hearings, research papers, and in articles.

A crime scene photographer also acquires photographic evidence with highly advanced and specialized equipment such as video equipment, optical microscopes and infrared and ultraviolet photography in taking pictures of the entire crime scene, from overviews of close-up to larger areas, highly detailed images of hair, fingerprints, footprints, bullet holes, and a lot more. They should work without interfering with the detectives’ activities or disturbing the evidences gathered by law enforcement officials.

Depending on the department a crime scene photographer is assigned to, he may have additional duties such as keeping records of where the pictures were taken as well as the methods and type of equipment used. He might also be responsible for creating charts and other visual aids to testify in court. Contact Crime scene cleanup Campbell CA for more help.

Educational Requirement:
Almost every police department and law enforcement agency that employs CSIs requires every applicant for the said position to have at least completed a college degree. Most applicants acquire a criminal justice degree. However, some law enforcement agencies might look for a master’s degree or specialization in subjects such as forensic science. College courses in chemistry, biology, genetics, and even botany will all be helpful if you want to have a CSI career.

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