The Basics of Crime Scene Investigation

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Who among us is not familiar with the show CSI or the Crime Scene Investigation? May it be CSI New York or CSI Miami, the shows have one goal. It is to convict the one responsible for the case, if there is any through rigid investigation and collection of evidence. What about us, viewers? Do we really grasp the processes of a crime investigation? Do we really believe that what we see in the shows are the same things with the actual crime scene process?

Let us see through the basic processes underlying the crime investigation. What we see in the shows are just replica of what is really happening with the real crime investigation process but there is more to that. It is not just solving the problem through logic. Let us go behind the scenes on how the real process unveils the culprit.
First stage to investigate a crime is when the investigator arrives and secures the place.

Nothing is being touched. What the investigator does is the formulation of possible theories on the actual happening and the speculations and predictions about it. Normally, the investigator secures if anything has been moved, altered, or changed before he arrived. The first step is to do an initial check of the place.

Next step is to document the scene through pictures, videos, and sketches. The investigator sees to it that every angle has been documented for analysis. Nothing is being touched still during this process. Next step is to get the real touch of anything that could be made as evidence. Contact Crime scene cleanup Edinburg TX for more help.

The investigator now touches, collects, and documents any specimen that is relevant and is predicted to have a connection with the crime. This is where the investigator tag, log and pack all available evidence necessary for logical analysis. This level also allows the investigator to make way toward the actual crime scene leaving no specimen behind. Everything should be covered to its minute details.

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