The Importance of a 3D Laser Scan to Crime Scene Investigations

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In popular television dramas, crime scenes routinely leave investigators baffled about what happened and how. Evidence is overlooked, lost or misplaced, and the killer seems destined to get away. Then, just when you least expect it, serendipity or an ingenious plan brings him to justice. In crime dramas, a killer’s fate is at the mercy of a screenwriter. But in real life, criminal investigators are at the mercy of their investigative methods when searching for a killer. Evidence lost, misplaced or overlooked? When these things happen in reality, a killer can get away or, even if he’s caught, can escape prosecution.

So, what causes lousy investigative work? Some would say lousy investigators. But, while investigators’ talent and dedication play a role in solving crimes, so do the methods that they use to gather crime scene evidence, some of which have drawbacks. For example, when investigators a murder scene, they usually have a short amount of time to chronicle each of its aspects that seem important to the crime, which they accomplish by taking photographs and making notes, each of which relies on the subjectivity of the investigator, and neither of which is conducive to faithfully recreating how a crime may have occurred.

As a result of these drawbacks, many police departments now use the power of a 3D laser scan in their crime scene investigations. Unlike traditional evidence-gathering techniques, performing a 3D laser scan results in the collection of a crime scene’s total physical characteristics, even the presence of small objects, blood spatter, and bullet holes. Once the scanner completes its scanning, which often takes as little as a few minutes, the scan data is tuned into computer files that allow investigators to review the aspects of a crime scene again and again, even allowing for the judgment of bullet trajectory, blood spatter trajectory and the creation of digital videos that recreate how a crime may have occurred based on crime scene evidence. Contact Crime Scene Cleanup & Death Cleanup Dickson TN for more help.

3D laser is scanning-also known as 3D laser surveying and laser surveying-allows investigators to collect flawless data from a crime scene and repurpose it in a variety of ways. But it also offers advantages that are less technical in nature. One additional advantage offered by laser scanning is its ability to preserve evidence for later retrieval in the event that a case goes cold, is closed, and is then reopened. A second additional advantage offered by laser scanning is its ability to serve as a valuable tool for jury persuasion in terms of recreation videos. Instead of describing tedious details or using a 2D display board, prosecutors show juries how a crime happened in 3D motion.

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