The 3 Things You Must Do or Know Before Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator

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There are many people who dream of becoming crime scene investigators (CSI). Who can blame them? This job can be fun. If you don’t believe me, just watch the television show, CSI: Miami.

But reality can be different. The role played by crime scene investigators on TV can be different from real life. This is why some things need to be set straight about the CSI career. This article will address the 3 things all aspiring crime scene investigators must know before they become one.

1. Those aspiring to be crime scene investigators must know that not all law enforcement agencies will hire a civilian CSI. There are various reasons for this.

One of the reasons is that the agency may not be big enough to dedicate a person to doing this job. So what these types of agencies do is have a police officer to play the role of CSI. This way, the officer can be doing other things when he or she is not collecting crime scene evidence.

Another reason is that the budget is just not there to support the position of a CSI. Like everything else in life, money is also an issue for law enforcement agencies. They have budgets and limited resources they have to live under. What these law enforcement agencies do when there is a crime is a request the help of a CSI from other friendly law enforcement agencies. This way, they save the cost of having a CSI on staff.

2. A CSI must be available to work 24/7. Crime has no appointed time. It can happen any minute or hour of the day. It does not know the weekend. Contact Crime Scene Cleanup Clermont FL for more help.

So, somebody who wants to work as a CSI must avail themselves at all times. You may be called in the middle of dinner or in the middle of your kid’s birthday party. You have to be ready and willing to pick up and go to the crime scene.

3. In the past, most crime scene investigators were trained in-house by law enforcement agencies. Thanks to television, this is changing. You now have colleges offering CSI education. You can get anywhere from certificate to masters degree in crime scene investigation.

But keep in mind that all the education will not replace the additional training you will receive by the law enforcement agency that employs you. There is nothing like real life training and guidance from real life CSIs. But the education you get from college will definitely give you an advantage, both in getting the job and performance after you get the job.

I have covered the 3 things I believe you should know before becoming a crime scene investigator. There are of course other things you have to know. Covering every little thing is beyond what I can cover in a short article like this. I encourage you to continue to expand your knowledge if you aspire to become a CSI.

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