Looking for Discount Bulk Tobacco? Follow These Tips After You Score the Mother Lode

Getting a deal on discount bulk tobacco can be a great way to enjoy your hobby on an economical basis. Let’s face it – tobacco isn’t cheap, and with taxes rising all the time, it can be unpleasant shelling out cash for your favorite blends or even cigars.

Buying discount bulk tobacco can save you money and draw in enough tobacco to keep the humidor or the tobacco jars plentiful and full for months to come – if not longer.

There is just one small catch. If you buy a lot of tobacco, you need to know how to care for it properly because nothing ruins the experience of smoking a quality blend like improper storage conditions.

Here are the three golden rules of long-term tobacco storage.

Keep It Humid
This is the first and most important rule of all insomuch as it respects storing tobacco for extended periods of time. If you get nothing else from this article, just pay attention to this one part.

You need to keep your tobacco humid. As soon as you open the box or the package, the tobacco starts drying out. Dry tobacco burns too hot, loses both flavor and complexity, and is prone to cracking.

When tobacco gets dried out, you can rehydrate it – up to a point. Tobacco can be salvaged, but it will never be as powerful or flavorful as it would have been if you had just kept it from drying out in the first place.

Tobacco – both cigars and pipe tobacco – should be stored in conditions of around 70% humidity. Too low, and the tobacco will dry out. Too high, and you run the risk of allowing mold to form on your tobacco which will also ruin it.

Do not assume your tobacco will remain hydrated if you keep it tightly wrapped, even if it is in a sealed glass jar or tin. Pick up some hydration packs or stones, soak them and add them to the tobacco humidor or jar every month or so, just to keep it fresh and hydrated.

Keep It Cool
Some people take the “keep it cool” maxim to heart a little bit too strongly, and actually refrigerate or freeze their tobacco. We advise against this, for two very important reasons.

One is that the air inside of a fridge or freezer is very dry. Even if the tobacco itself does not freeze, the dry air will draw moisture out.

The other is that, if the tobacco leaves actually do freeze, the process of freezing will leach moisture out of the leaves and completely ruin the tobacco. Our advice – don’t do it.

Here’s what you should do. Keep your tobacco somewhere cool, away from excess heat. Anywhere between 60 to 70 degrees is ideal, but a little bit cooler won’t hurt either, especially for pipe tobacco. In fact, it can help to keep the tobacco fresh.

Keep It Dark
Finally, if you’re going to buy discount bulk tobacco, it’s better to keep it in the dark. There’s a reason that so many humidors are made without viewing windows. Light can potentially ruin tobacco products by hastening their degradation.

You don’t need to get crazy with it. A tobacco humidor or a dark closet is all you need to provide, just to shield the tobacco from the light. That will keep it fresher for longer.

Where Can You Find Discount Bulk Tobacco?
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