Online Carbide: The Best Drill Mills For Sale

When working with drilling machines, one soon acquires certain intuitive knowledge about the end mills required for a job. Sometimes, just looking at the workpiece and taking a brief glance at the specs will cause an automatic response in our brains. This is a skill in itself that can prove valuable in any workshop. However, having tools that cover a wide variety of operations without requiring you to stop for tool change cycles can be even more valuable when you need to increase overall performance and productivity.

Drill mills are tools that successfully combine the best traits of end mills and drill bits, giving them an increased range of action. They share the robust body and flute configuration of square end mills. However, they also display a pointed tip which makes them similar to drill bits. These features make drill mills feel at home in both drilling and milling operations.

Online Carbide is an American tool manufacturer that not only offers high-quality mills for sale. They also design tools that grant operators increased flexibility, stability, durability, and performance when machining any material. Their premium-grade tools are meticulously ground using automated state-of-the-art 5-axis grinding machines for increased precision and accuracy. But the real advantage of having a trusted manufacturer as a direct supplier is that you don’t have to deal with middlemen who would get a cut of the action. Online Carbide has a strong commitment to making it easier for shops around the country to increase their performance, so they sell their tools at manufacturer-direct prices.

What makes Online Carbide truly special is that they manufacture their drill mills from solid carbide stock. This composite material features extreme resistance to heat and it is many times harder than high-speed steel and cobalt steel tools. The process of manufacturing cobalt comprises combining the ceramic powder with a metallic binder, usually tungsten, which gives the material its characteristic strength and rigidity. Solid carbide tools allow operators to machine at higher speeds and more aggressive feed rates for increased productivity. They also retain their sharpness better than steel tools, yielding better finishes and requiring less maintenance and increasing contact time.

But the true advantage of drill mills is that they not only perform side milling operations with ease leaving polished finishes on every wall. They can also perform spotting and drilling operations with ease. This reduces the need for additional tool changes when working on pieces that require varied cuts. Solid carbide drills are extremely rigid and accurate, allowing you to start holes and increase the precision of your longer twist bits.

You can find a wide selection of drill mills for sale at Online Carbide. These include a great variety of sizes and tool geometries. For example, you can find drill mills with 60-degree and 90-degree point angles. They also offer solid carbide tools coated in TiAlN for increased heat resistance and tool life. If you have any questions, please reach out to or visit their website.

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