Mentoring platform: The ultimate guide for beginners

Mentoring platforms are a new way for startups and corporations to find potential employees. They’re also helpful for universities and other organizations which are willing to help their students become better leaders in the future. In this article, we’ll explore what mentoring platforms are and why they’re so popular with both employers and students alike!

Why should you use a mentoring platform?

Mentoring platforms are a great way to build your network, develop a mentor relationship, and learn from the best. They can also help you grow your business by connecting you with other entrepreneurs in your industry who have been there before and know what it takes to succeed. The best part about these platforms is that they’re convenient and easy to use! You don’t even need an email address or social media account—sign up for an account on one of the many sites out there and start building connections.

Benefits of using a mentoring platform

Mentoring platforms are helpful for startups, universities, and corporations. They provide a great learning experience to help you grow your business or develop your skills.

The benefits of using a mentoring platform are:

  • You get to learn from experienced people who have been in the same industry or field for years. It will help you avoid mistakes that others have made before you, which means you’ll be more likely to succeed at whatever task comes next.
  • You can connect with other mentors on your team or within the industry (and even meet new ones). If someone becomes unavailable when needed, there’s always another mentor ready to step up!

How do mentoring platforms work?

Mentoring platforms are a great way to learn from other people. They connect you with experts in your field, and they can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and decide on an entrepreneurial path. Mentoring platforms can also be used to build a network of contacts who understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

  • Mentoring platforms can help you to grow your business. You will get valuable insights from experienced people who have built successful companies in the same field as yours or similar ones. Many successful entrepreneurs got their start by being mentored by someone more experienced than them at that time.
  • Mentoring platforms make it easier for you to find people with specific skills needed in your business or project, such as marketing experts or web developers who can help create websites or apps during the planning stages of development.

Why should you choose AskMe as your mentoring platform?

  • Direct access to a concentrated group of remarkable, highly sought-after mentors, including bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, professionals of the highest caliber, and specialists.
  • Having access to thousands of Experts / Mentors from our global database of experts, and being able to search for, find, and directly communicate with any of them on a single platform.
  • The AskMe platform also has a rating element, allowing users and mentees to choose based on the reviews and ratings of other mentees.
  • It is simpler and more convenient for mentors and mentees thanks to reasonably priced 20-minute bitesize sessions with transparent and indicated charges.
  • AskMe includes built-in video and audio calling, availability, scheduling, booking calendars, and sending and receiving secure payments in one location.
  • There are no upfront subscription or onboarding fees for mentors and mentees. There are no unstated costs. Only the services that mentees book and use require payment.
  • With less than a 15% platform fee, mentors will receive payments for every session they lead.


Mentoring assists someone in learning and gaining knowledge from a more seasoned individual. The main goal of mentoring is to help, motivate, and direct individuals toward realizing their full potential. There are many different ways to mentor someone, and it can take place in both formal and informal settings. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand what mentoring platforms are and how they work. They can be a helpful resource for startups looking to promote themselves, students who want to learn more about their field of study, or employees who wish to improve their skillset.

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