Questions to Ask Calgary Luxury Home Builders Before Hiring One

Calgary is known as one of Canada’s wealthiest cities. Given its strong economy and high standard of living, the city offers lucrative employment opportunities and a beautiful outdoors. Calgary is also home to many high-net-worth individuals, making it a popular location for building luxury homes.

But with so many Calgary luxury home builders you can contract with, how do you know who will be the best fit? When making a significant investment like this, it is best to research beforehand to compare your options and make an informed decision. To help you through your search, here are some key questions you should ask a luxury home builder before hiring one.

Are you licensed and insured in Calgary?
Start by verifying whether a builder is licensed and insured in Calgary. It is essential to ensure that you work with someone who understands the local building codes and regulations.

Generally, you should have no problems asking about this since it is a routine question that builders expect from clients. But, of course, a reputable builder would be able to readily present proof—otherwise, this should be a clear red flag to choose someone else.

What experience do you have building luxury homes in Calgary?
Naturally, you want to choose a builder with plenty of experience building luxury homes in Calgary. Doing so assures you that they know how the building process works and how to handle problems that may arise midway.

An excellent way to evaluate this is to look at how long the company has been in business and how many luxury homes it has built in the past. Some builders may specialize in luxury homes while others do all types of homes, so you can also consider narrowing your search to Calgary luxury home builders.

What standard features do you offer in your custom luxury homes?
Homebuilders often have standard features included in their custom homes, then charge additional fees for upgrades. Ask this early on to know whether the cost will fit within your budget. Then, try to compare offers from different builders by assessing the price and corresponding inclusions for each.

You can also ask the builder how flexible they are with their offers. For example, some may be willing to add some upgrades to the standard package, while others may allow you to lower the cost by downgrading some features.

When can you give me the final quote for the house?
You should ask for this to help set your budget and avoid surprise fees later. But, of course, it can be hard to get an upfront price for the project since you usually have to make decisions that affect the final price during construction. So a good compromise would be to ask when you can expect to see the final price.

It also helps to ask the builder how they want to be paid and when you need to settle the balance, so you can check if you have enough time to manage your finances.

Ultimately, asking these questions to different Calgary luxury home builderswill help you determine who will be the best partner for your project. Building a luxury home is no small feat, so choosing the right builder can make a difference in how your home turns out. Remember not to rush into the process and sign the contract only when you are 100% sure.

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