Tips on Buying New Construction Homes for Sale

If you have been shopping for homes but struggling to find the perfect one, you can turn to another option: new construction homes. Buying a new home comes with many perks. Aside from everything being new, you can also enjoy increased energy efficiency, low maintenance costs from advanced systems, and flexibility in the buying timeframe.

However, as attractive as a newly-constructed home may be, it is still a huge investment. Thus, you should still think through each aspect carefully before making any decision. To help you out, here are some key tips to follow in the buying process as you browse through construction homes for sale.

Research Reliable Builders
Not all new construction homes are built the same way, so it would be best to research builders before you even start shopping. Look for reputable and reliable builders in your area by checking their websites and reading online reviews. If possible, try to contact local residents to ask about their thoughts on a particular builder.

Alternatively, if you have already spotted some development projects that caught your eye, research the builders before proceeding. Avoid getting carried away with whatever photos you see since these don’t necessarily reflect the property’s quality.

Understand the Inclusions
It’s easy to get so engrossed with model homes that you forget these are not necessarily what you get in your purchase. Most of the time, model homes only serve as a display to give you an idea of what the house looks like. While some builders allow you to purchase the model home based on the development status, this is usually not the case with construction homes for sale.

Given that model homes are often furnished and staged to entice buyers, it’s essential to clarify what standard features are included in the base price. You can also ask about common upgrades or customization options and their associated costs to estimate how much you’ll be spending. This way, you have clear expectations of what you’re getting.

Get a Home Inspection
Many assume that you no longer need an inspection when buying a new construction home. However, builders also make mistakes, so new homes may still have problems or defects. By getting a home inspection, you can review all aspects of the property and have the problems addressed before your builder’s warranty expires.

Put Everything in Writing
Whatever you negotiate with the home builder, you should secure everything in writing. For example, if they agree to do certain upgrades without additional costs, you should have these laid out on the contract. Otherwise, verbal agreements will not be legally binding, and you won’t be able to guarantee that they fulfill their end.

Ask About the Warranty
Homebuilders usually offer a warranty to guarantee the quality and durability of their construction. The warranty should cover both materials and workmanship in most cases, but the terms may vary per builder. Thus, make sure you clear this up early on to know how to handle issues that may arise.

Buying a new construction home can be a huge milestone for anyone. But with so many construction homes for sale, it’s essential to do your due diligence to ensure you find the right builder and home. By taking your time conducting research and double-checking each aspect of the transaction, you can ultimately make an informed decision.

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