The 940 Osborne: Is It the Best Benchmade Pocket Knife?

Look up any list offering to tell you what the best Benchmade pocket knife and we’ll be surprised if you don’t see the 940 Osborne listed there. It’s not only popular but very practical and tops lists of “best Benchmade knives” all over the internet.

Designed by Warran Osborne, the 940 is not only very popular but considered one of the best folding knives ever designed and produced.

It has a lot going for it, to be true, so let’s take a look at some of these features.

Deployment and Lockup
This Benchmade pocket knife deploys via thumb studs which are present on both sides of the blade, making it not only practical and comfortable but ambidextrous.

That’s pretty standard since most other folding knives offer the same or a serviceable alternative like thumb studs. So what else does the 940 offer?

Well, a lot of it rests on the AXIS lock mechanism for which Benchmade has received so much positive press.

The AXIS lock is easy to engage, very secure, and incredibly strong. Unlike other popular lock mechanisms, like liner locks, frame locks, and lock backs, it is nearly impossible to accidentally disengage.

also, when you do disengage it, your fingers remain out of the blade’s path of travel, which is another bonus.

Not that this is the only Benchmade with this feature, but the AXIS lock is also easy to disengage on both sides of the knife, for both right and left-handed users.

The 940 Osborne is pretty straightforward in terms of carry. It comes with a reversible standard clip that can be used for tip-up carry – or you can just let it float in a pocket as many people do.

Blade Steel and Profile
One of the main draws of the 940 is the blade steel. This knife (and many other Benchmade pocket knives) are made with CPM-S30V steel, hardened to 58-60 Rockwell.

CPM-S30V is a Crucible Particle Metallurgies steel that offers a lot of significant benefits. First off, it can take a wicked edge. It is also very hard, which gives it the ability to hold an edge for a long time, even with hard, frequent use.

This steel is also very strong (knife people might call it “tough”), which means it is shatter-resistant and unlikely to break or chip.

Additionally, this steel appeals to many users because, like many modern steels, it is highly corrosion resistant.

The 940 Osborne has a blade profile that Benchmade calls a “reverse tanto.” It does have that sort of profile, but you wouldn’t be wrong to call it a sheepsfoot, either – it’s like a reinforced sheeptsfoot.

The blade is very slender, making it perfect for slicing, carving, and detail work. There’s plenty of belly along the straight edge for that.

However, the “reverse tanto” style blade also adds extra integrity to the blade tip. This gives it much better suitability for piercing tasks.

Interested in This Benchmade Pocket Knife?
Something else you should know about this Benchmade folding knife: it’s made in America. Not so many tools can make that claim anymore, and it’s definitely a part of the knife’s popularity among users.

Ready to invest in a new Benchmade pocket knife like the 940 Osborne? The only way you’ll know for yourself if it’s the best is if you get one and carry it.

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