Which Sutliff Tobacco Would Work Best For Your Taste?

The Sutliff Tobacco Company began as a retail establishment selling cigars and tobacco products in San Francisco, California in the mid-19th century. Over time, it has developed into a well-known American tobacco brand, with a wide variety of blends for tobacco smokers to choose from.

With so many options, the fun part of exploring Sutliff Tobacco is picking which one to try next and working your way through the list, trying out new blends. A handful of the most popular Sutliff tobacco blends can be found below if you are looking for a place to start.

Frosty Mint
Even if you’re not a fan of pipe tobacco, the Frosty Mint blend should be on your list of must-haves. Those who enjoy the taste of menthol in their tobacco will find this to be a standout blend as well.

With its strong flavor, it’s not for the faint of heart, but rather for those who like their tobacco smoke to be as relaxing as possible. Although it may be relished on its own, like the TS20 Perique, its strength makes it ideal for enhancing or curbing other blends.

Black Cavendish
The delightful smell of cavendish tobacco or any other aromatic is responsible for the sugary sweet room note you may have noticed when smoking a pipe. Treating tobacco with steam and pressure helps to produce this natural sweetness.

When properly cured and pressed, the inherent sugar content of tobacco leaves can sometimes provide the overwhelming sweetness that is distinctive of the tobacco leaf flavor profile. This blend of pipe tobacco achieves the ideal harmony between mild and rich tastes.

A blend of dark and sweet tobaccos creates a full-bodied taste, and Black Cavendish has a vanilla flavor that is complemented by citrusy overtones and a touch of fruitiness. Sutliff Black Cavendish can be a good choice if you’re looking for a smooth but flavorful smoke.

Rum & Maple
Sutliff’s Rum & Maple tobacco is a great choice for those who appreciate uncomplicated taste profiles with a hint of sweetness. The combination of burley and Virginia blends creates a nutty, velvety smoke with a hint of rum for enhanced depth of flavor in this smoky treat. On days when you’re just looking to kick back and relax, the Rum & Maple is the terrific choice for you.

Perique (TS20)
Perique tobaccos are well-known for their strong, unique tastes as well as their equally intense room notes. The people of St. James Parish, Louisiana, where this black, aromatic tobacco is grown, have been pressing it in whiskey barrels to cure.

Because of its unique cooked-fruit flavor, musty, mushroom-like aroma, and cool-smoking character in blends, it should only be used in small quantities. However, it has enough taste to stand out in a heavier mix.

Black Cordial (Z-50)
Unlike many cherry mixes, the Black Cordial (Z-50) does not have a strong cherry liqueur flavor, but rather a pleasantly mild one. When it comes out of the jar/baggie, it is ready to use straight away, but it can also be further dried if desired.

It burns cleanly and efficiently, leaving just thin gray ash behind, and it is neither wet nor gummy. The grassy and citrusy notes come from the milder Virginia cavendish. In terms of strength, it’s around a medium blend. There’s a very slight nicotine kick to this. This tobacco has a smooth, constant sweetness and subtle creaminess that makes it easy to enjoy throughout the day.

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