Top Memphis Attractions You Can’t Miss


The city is the “Home of the Blues” and the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” There are many activities for children in Memphis. There’s delicious food to eat, attractions, and history to learn. We spent three days in Memphis, Tennessee, exploring.

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  1. National Civil Rights Museum

When visiting Memphis, make a point of visiting the Civil Rights Museum. You don’t want to pass it up. The Museum is excellent. The museum investigates the civil rights movement in Memphis and throughout America. It is also connected to the Lorrain Hotel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The museum has 40 films and 260 artefacts on display. There are also many interactive exhibitions. We spent 2 hours wandering around the museum. This includes seeing the 12-minute film and pausing to watch a selection of more videos set up throughout the museum.

  1. The Bass Pro Shop Pyramid

You’ve seen this Bass Pro Shop if your kids watch Dude Perfect. It’s a massive pyramid. It’s impossible to miss from the highway. There is a Bass Pro Shop inside, as well as an aquarium featuring fish and alligators. The store is enormous and also serves as a hotel! Yes, you can spend the night in a Bass Pro Shop. We did not do that. At the top of the Pyramid, there is also a bar/restaurant and a lookout. To go up, you must pay per passenger. There is an exterior overlook deck at the summit that provides a range of views of Memphis. If you are of height, be aware that the floor is of glass.

  1. Visit A Park

Did you know Memphis has a playground that has been one of the “16 Coolest Playgrounds in the World”?  Shelby Farms Park, voted on by Mental Floss Magazine, was on that list and is a park for all ages and abilities located in the heart of Memphis. Shelby Farms Park is much more than a playground – though the playground is worth a look! In the warmer summers, they also have a Water Play Sprayground for the youngsters to enjoy. There includes a water tunnel, interactive spray jets, and other features to keep you cool.  

  1. Mud Island

When we got down to the riverbank, we noticed Mud Island and decided to go check it out. We drove over to Mud Island and parked. The main feature on the island was a display of the rivers that travel through this part of the country. It was an intriguing display that took place on the ground and covered a big area. it was with water? The island itself was down and appeared to have seen better days. If you continued travelling to the end of the island, you’d come to a wide grassy area with a massive Memphis sign. There was also a park at the further end of the island. You could tell the place had seen better days.

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