Understanding Real Property Reports in Calgary

Buying a property is the biggest financial decision for many people. Therefore, we take the utmost care in making sure that all the paperwork is done correctly. Any little mistake can cause significant problems in future costing you money and time. One such problem can be caused if you don’t see the Real Property Reports in Calgary before signing a deal.

It is very critical for a buyer and a seller to see Real Property Reports (RPR) before making a purchase. Keep reading the article to know why.

Who needs a Real Property Report?
A Real Property Report is a legal document prepared with the assistance of a land surveyor that includes information such as the property’s location, boundaries, and potential upgrades. Land surveyors visit the site and take measurements of the land’s boundaries, as well as the exact dimensions and position of any structure on the property.

Many variables are identified in the Real Property Report, including encroachments from neighbouring properties, easements, restricted covenants, and right-of-ways. They are critical in detecting the property’s flaws, limits, and different legalities linked with the land.

A Property Report is needed by the following:

● Property owners: A property owner needs to be aware of their property and its boundaries. An RPR will inform you of any zoning changes as well as any registered documents concerning the property. They can also inform the owner of any possible encroachment by the neighbours. It is a good idea to prepare an RPR before listing your house for sale to prevent any future disputes.

● Property buyers: Before buying any property, one needs to be aware of any past or present construction problems or property issues. An RPR will reveal any encumbrances on the property, such as taxes, liens, and the possible names of previous owners.

● Municipal authorities: Before issuing permits or licences for the construction of your property, an RPR may be required by the municipal authorities in Calgary. It analyses whether the property has any issues with bylaws, fire codes, construction codes, and so on, as determined by the municipal authorities.

● Mortgage lenders: Mortgage lenders need a stamped RPR to approve the mortgage process.

How much does a Real Property Report cost?
The cost to have prepared an RPR depends upon the property and the complexities surrounding it. However, some of the factors that can significantly affect the costs are:

● The field crew’s travel expenses.

● the property’s size and its form

● The upgrades that are done to the property

● the presence of survey monuments on or near the land, as well as their position.

● the age of the house

It is important to note that an RPR is not valid forever. If you have made any recent changes to your property or had any construction done, you need to get your RPR updated. Core Geomatics is a Canadian-owned company that provides Real Property Reports in Calgary. They have more than ten years of expertise providing property services to investors and current homeowners who want to learn more about their property. Click here to contact them and get your RPR prepared.

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