What are the Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs for 2022?

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Job markets keep throwing up startling statistics every now and then! During the pandemic, we witnessed a rise in demand for a certain group of talent from various fields of engineering, but not much was spoken or highlighted for mechanical engineers, the pillar of any economy in the developing stage. Despite the economic recession and slowing job market for engineering graduates, we have registered a tremendous growth in the volume of UGs enrolling with mechanical engineering courses offered by the top mechanical engineering colleges in Ghaziabad.

In this modern era of an increasingly digitized world powered by new age capabilities running on mechanical engineering, we thought of highlighting the most popular job titles that you can apply for in 2022.

Mechanical Engineer- Plastics and Hydrocarbons

Sustainability demands from the various industries have forced consumer goods manufacturers that use plastics to relook into their engineering investments. This has opened up roles in the plastics companies that align with the emerging market for sustainability.

For example, the role of Mechanical Engineer – Plastics and Hydrocarbons is gaining massive popularity in the job market.

The role is meant for engineering graduates who have completed their mechanical engineering degrees and are directly hired to perform job functions for broadening the range of plastic producing and labeling equipment used in the supply chain. The role requires the junior and senior engineering associates to perform part verification and quality checks as per validation plans that meet the global sustainability and recycling benchmarks.

A piece of good knowledge in injection molding, rubber parts molding, and thermodynamics is required to grow further in this career. Advance knowledge of software and techniques in CAD/ CAM and 2D/3D printing using PLM and agile software is also useful in building a career here.

Robotics Automation

BE in Mechanical engineering is a stepping stone to building a solid pathway for Robotics and Automation Science. Founding concepts in robotics and automation have emerged as the prime movers for many industrial sectors that have chosen to automate their conventional processes completely. Automobile, food processing, shipbuilding, and gem cutting are some of the key industries that have managed to move from semi-automation to 100% automatized sectors in a span of less than 10-15 years.

Qualified mechanical engineers with a solid understanding of CNC, Lathe cutting, VMC cutting, laserjets, and robotic simulation for related mechanical processes can apply to the various BE engineering jobs associated with this segment.

Energy Management

Energy management is another dominant industry in 2022 where the demand for BE mechanical engineers and civil engineers has increased manifold. HVAC and Plumbing industries that are critical to energy management planning in the industries and commercial real estate hire trained engineering graduates. The role entails qualified professionals working with design teams to provide mechanical deliverables as per the norms established in the industry through mechanical calculations, planners and schedules, engineering drawings, and kinematic specifications.

Advanced energy management roles for certified mechanical engineers could also test your skill levels in working with motor performance, lighting and acoustics, and energy efficiency management projects that directly link with domestic and global energy saving and zero carbon emission norms.

Marine Engineering

Marine engineering is the most versatile sub-branch in the mechanical engineering specialization. It essentially deals with the designing, testing, evaluating, and maintenance of marine tools, equipment, and structures that could be installed on vessels, or ocean floors.

For a very long time, mechanical engineering was considered to be separate from marine engineering, but times have changed for good. With so much advancement in the field of metallurgy and material science, both mechanical and marine engineering have come together and opened up job markets for graduates passing from top engineering colleges in India.


In 2022, mechanical engineering jobs would continue to be popular.

When you take admission into the top mechanical engineering colleges, you are preparing for a world that is filled with countless opportunities in the industrial world. Despite tremendous growth in the automation space that has reduced the need to hire semi-skilled laborers for mechanized tools and equipment, the role of mechanical engineers has only become more and more important. It is impossible to think of an industrial revolution without the fitting participation of mechanical engineers. From building farm equipment for new-age agriculture technology (Agritech) companies to creating smart cities powered by 5g mobile telecom towers and IoT faciltiies, graduates passing out from the top mechanical engineering colleges in Ghaziabad are getting recognition from all over the world.

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