What is Geomatics Surveying?

Have you ever wondered how maps for skyscrapers are made? Geomatics surveying is a technique that enables surveyors to precisely determine the position of points on the ground or in three-dimensional space, as well as the distances and angles between them. Large and complex infrastructural areas such as universities, cities, malls etc have their maps and outlines developed by surveyors using this technique.

Surveying uses different techniques and tools to help you make informed decisions about your investments in properties. If you want to know more about geomatic surveying and how your business can benefit from it, keep reading.

Geomatics: Meaning and Application
Geomatics is the study of the gathering, distribution, storage, analysis, processing, and presentation of geographical data and information. It is a relatively new branch of science that employs modern technology and tools. From surveyors to scientists, engineers, and technicians, the industry employs a varied set of specialists. They often work in different sectors including construction, software development and computer science.

Whether you are in search of a property, or a construction company looking for accurate data and measurements to start your projects, geomatics is what can give your project a solid foundation. Surveyors help you with your project and are with you through its entirety. They can help you provide custom solutions to meet your project’s needs such as urban planning and land surveying.

Different Types of Surveying
Surveying is a method used by surveyors to accurately determine the measurements of the surface of the earth. They use various tools along with sciences including geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, physics, and law. Surveying can be divided into two categories:

● Geodetic Surveying: In this surveying, the curvature of the earth is taken into account. Large areas and distances are measured using this technique with a very high degree of accuracy. Large farms, property areas, construction areas are measured by surveyors using geodetic surveying.

● Plane Surveying: In this method of surveying, as the name implies, the curvature of the earth is not taken into account. Thus, the accuracy is low when compared with the other method. However, it is suitable to measure small and flat areas.

But that’s not all. Data can be collected to have information related to water bodies and sky using surveying as well. Take marine surveying for example. It is a practice that inspects marine equipment, primarily boats and cargo, to determine its safety and market value. Marine surveyors today are also used to inspect ships to ascertain insurance claims and even as a witness in court.

One can use geomatics surveying for everything – from locating a perfect area for your construction project to home, and ensuring that everything is being done according to regulations and laws. Core Geomatics is a Geomatics Surveying provider service with experience of over ten years. Their skilled technicians, engineers and surveyors will manage your project with the most efficiency and security. Reach out to them to get started.

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