Why is the IOS system more protected than Android?

It doesn’t matter who you are a fan of, whether it is iOS or Android. The primary aspect that matters above all is that the system is device is safe and secure. But, it has been witnessed the ones using iOS feel more secure when compared to Android.

This is why we dig deep to find out what makes iOS secure and sound more than Android. It is important that you have the right security attributes in place to keep your data safe and secure all the way. With the number of data breaches getting higher, you must be aware of your data and device security to make a wise decision.

To help you out, the below-mentioned pointers can help you understand the reasons why iOS devices are a lot more secure and safe in every aspect. Take a look:

Closed vs open

The first primary reason that makes iOS a lot safe and more secure system is because it is a closed source system. So, it has complete control of its system and can make the rules and regulations all by itself. So, it is important for the app developers to follow the respective rules and regulations as set by the iOS to get the applications published on their store.

When it comes to Android, it is basically an open-source system. This means that the source code is public and accessed by all. This makes the iOS system a lot safer and more secure as the developers need to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the iOS platform.

Faster Updates

The next big reason that makes iOS devices a lot secure and safe when compared to Android is that they are updated a lot quicker. When it comes to Android, their devices are not updated with the latest ones. Most of the devices keep on running on the older versions, and this means that they are updated with the latest security patches.

But, as iOS is updated quicker, all their devices get integrated with the latest security attributes that make the respective device safe and secure a lot more when compared to Android devices. There are high possibilities of the Android system coming up with attributes like vulnerabilities, errors, bugs and other issues because of slow updates.

Market Share is Less

We all know how Android is being used around the world by many when compared to iOS devices. More than 85% of the market is captured by Android, and 15% remains with iOS. It is the second-largest market shareholder in the world. It does become a great advantage for Google, but there is a high possibility of falling trapped to hackers and cyber attackers with Android as there are many who are constantly working on ways to crackle Google devices.

As the number of users of Android devices is higher, there is a high chance the attackers target the respective platform a lot more than compared iOS. So, it can be one of the reasons why the iOS device is secure and safe in many possible ways.

Better Security

Another primary reason that makes the iOS device a lot safe when compared to Android is that it comes with a lot better security features. In fact, the security gap between both devices is huge. When it comes to Android, it uses using “sandbox method where the applications have restricted access to the remaining system. This means if the application does have malware, it cannot get the entire system affected, but it can affect the applications.

But, when it comes to Apple, it is using the fire door approach in terms of security. If there is any iOS application with a virus or malware, then it is not going to infect any other attributes of the respective device.

Automatic Updates

Another important reason why the iOS device is a lot more secure and safe is that the applications in it get updated automatically as and when needed. In fact, all the actions of the applications are checked before being executed. So, you can be certain that your device is perfectly safe and secure to use.

But, when it comes to Android, things are different because the applications are not updated automatically. It is flexible, and the users can update the applications at their convenience. This can certainly be the reason behind security-related issues.  

Download apps

The next aspect that shows iOS as a lot more secure and safe device is the way the place where the applications are downloaded from is reacting to all applications. Apple keeps track of all the programs happening in the store and ensures that all the safety measures are taken in the time of need. So, you just cannot download the applications from different sources using iOS devices. But, the same is possible when you are using an Android device.

You can easily download other APK files from the browser and from other sources using Android devices. This can prove to be dangerous as you do not know how secure the respective file or application is. This puts Android devices at risk, and it can lead to data breach situations as well. But, when it comes to iPhones, none of this can happen as there is no access to other applications at all.

Last Words

These pointers show how iOS device is secure and sound when compared to Android devices. We all know how 85% of people are using Android devices, but that doesn’t mean it comes with the best security features. Apple ensures that the users are secure in every aspect and there are no issues like data breaches happening while using their device. However, the efforts are being put into up the Android security as well and ensuring that all kinds of cyber harm are avoided in the time to come. But, it is important that you avoid any step that can lead to a data breach or security issues, as stated above. Good luck!

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